Aug 6, 2019

Selected Artist of Calendar Art 2019 尾崎水耶 展 “Acqua, Amore Ble 水、青い愛”


Selected Artist of Calendar Art 2019
尾崎水耶 展
Acqua, Amore Ble 水、青い愛”
2019年8月21日 (水) - 8月31日 (土)
Open 17:00-3:00am

[Artist statement]
『中論』(Nagarjuna, インドの哲学者)より、八つの否定・空の概念から、私が捉え得ることができた空観の抽象表現。


*本展覧会は昨年12月に開催した[Calendar Art 2019]出展作家の中からオーディエンス賞を獲得した作家の展覧会です。

unipon2kau2 art project space & bar
住所:〒530-0027 大阪府大阪市北区堂山町13-5

Selected Artist of Calendar Art 2019
Ozaki, Miya exhibition
Acqua, Amore Ble

Date: 8/21 (Wed) - 8/31 (Sat), 2019
Open 17:00 - 3:00AM
* Closed on Sunday

[Artist statement]
From the concept of eight negations, and the empty ("Mulamadhyamakakarika", Nagarjuna, The Philosophy of the Middle Way) An abstract representation of the empty view that I could capture.
The life motivation of foamy life drifts with light and shadow. Brilliance and loss between beings. A strange life dimenion (An area of the path of things that is deep and far away that cannot be easily measured./Profound reasoning life) Where nothing is necessary, nothing is unnecessary, but something is.

At the beginning of the work, I drip "Japanese ink" without hesitation, follow the movement, and then, keep the representations born from the overlapping illusions.
There is also a message from the life of a small one-step at the "border" that relies on "Achievements of the creator of all things (The creation of the inner spirit of the brilliance and the immeasurable bunch is created)" through the "water" of the concept medium (An object that mediates a deep focus on the subject)".
"Don't miss anything"
(Miya Ozaki)

* This exhibition is the exhibition of artist who won the Audience Award from among the exhibitor of "Calendar Art 2019" held in December of last year .

Venue: unipon2kau2 art project space & bar
13-5 Doyamacho, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0027, Japan
(Tel 06-6313-2644)


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